Exterior Masonry Needs Maintenance And Repairs Periodically To Remain In Good Condition

Exterior masonry on homes and public buildings takes a beating from sun, wind, rain, and temperature changes. Chicago area buildings have hot summers and very cold winters to contend with. A small crack or area of damage can turn into a big problem if it is not repaired promptly. Brick and masonry buildings may need tuckpointing at one time or another. Having a tuckpointing contractor available to do repairs is important.


Older masonry, brick, and stone buildings should be inspected periodically and repaired as part of a maintenance program. Companies such as Bruno’s Tuckpointing can maintain buildings that are residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial. They can service small or very large buildings. Licensed and bonded tuckpointing contractors can maintain the masonry on new, a few decades old, or historic buildings. A good masonry repair contractor will thoroughly inspect a building, provide a comprehensive quote for repair, send a professional crew to do the needed repairs, and follow all OSHA safety regulations. The right masonry contractor will guarantee customer satisfaction and show the building owner the completed work.

Some services masonry contractors offer are church tuckpointing, masonry repair, brick and stone repair, lintel and parapet repair, tuckpointing, terracotta repair, and stone replacement. They also offer caulking, waterproofing, epoxy injection, and other services. In addition to repairs, they offer masonry restorations of all types. Good masonry repair contractors can handle small maintenance jobs or major restorations of historic buildings and everything in between. Full-service masonry companies keep Chicago and the surrounding area’s brick, stone, and masonry buildings in top shape.

Buildings such as homes, churches, schools, universities, museums, industrial buildings, and institutions that are made of masonry, brick, or stone may need tuckpointing, repair of cracked masonry or concrete, chimney repair, replacement of eroded or broken bricks or stones, and more. Cracks are not only unsightly but can affect the structural soundness of a building. When left unrepaired, cracks can get larger and more problematic. A good contractor will find out what is causing the crack, then repair it in a way that resolves the underlying problem so the crack will not come back. For more information on masonry repair, please go to the website.


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